Plants Reimagined

Plants must precisely coordinate hundreds to thousands of genes to make many natural products.

Chi Botanic unlocks the potential of plants while reducing agriculture’s planetary impact using plant cell cultures.

Customized, fast-growing plant cell suspensions can change how complex plant-based flavor, fragrance, beauty, therapeutic, manufacturing, and functional food and beverage products are grown.


Setting the new bar for sustainable farming.

To continually optimize how energy, water, and minerals become plant products in the most environmentally- and socially-responsible way.


  • Dramatically reduce water use
  • Reduce climate impact
  • Eliminate pesticides and herbicides
  • Reduce human labor and provide a living wage for all
  • Stop destruction of fragile ecosystems and rare plant populations

The Plant Cell Foundry

The world’s first plant cell customization assembly line. We are building an industrial plant cell foundry to unlock many plant products.

  • Sourcing elite plant varieties
  • Optimizing the conditions to reshape their form
  • Cultures of millions of plant cells, to continually improve and select the best cell lines
  • Powered by robots, making customized plant cells to accelerate evolution
  • Cells tailored to low-cost production systems that scale

Our First Targets


Only naturally 100% non-toxic aloe vera. Provides a full-spectrum of 200+ aloe bioactives.


An flavor and fragrance alternative to production by trees under attack by the world-wide citrus greening disease.


A better cosmetic ingredient we can harvest anywhere, every day of the year.


A source of the bulb scent molecules irone
a and b, without the rest of the plant.

Vetiver Grass

A prized scent used in finest perfumes because the oil is just a tiny part of the grass that we hope to bring to mass markets.


The multi-billion dollar market every natural product company wants. Only 1% is naturally sourced.

Our Team

Jonathan Meuser, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Robert Jinkerson, PhD

Co-Founder and CSA

David Gonzalez


Nathan Rudnick

Research Assistant

Justin Hoover

PhD Student Graduate Assistant

Dang Le

PhD Student Graduate Assistant

Chitara Moore

Operations Manager

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