The Plant Cell Company

Changing How We Grow

Chi Botanic is making high value plant products in a new way - plant cell cultures. Traditional agriculture is inadequate to sustainably meet the demand of a world population expected to grow 40% in the next 30 years. Today, an increasing number of plant products are made from a small portion of a plant or from plants that grow incredibly slow. Growing low-efficiency natural products not only makes them very expensive and unscalable, it also squanders available land and resources like energy and fresh water, while increasing the negative impacts caused by fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Simultaneously, there is an ongoing explosion in demand for natural plant products across numerous industries. Our plant cell cultures can be grown under controlled conditions extremely efficiently and untethered from geography, climate, or season at a lower cost to both the environment and the end-consumer. We  invite you join us to change how we grow.


The Industrial Plant Cell Foundry

The world's first synthetic biology pipeline leveraging the power of the plant cell.


Plant Cells

Using unique source plants, we develop proprietary stem cell lines and generate plant cell cultures.



Using high throughput robotics we select the optimum cells for each individual product.



We then scale these cultures into larger production systems at industrial scale.

Executive Team

Jonathan Meuser, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

PhD Environmental Engineering Colorado School of Mines


Synthetic Genomics (Scientist) Algenol Biotech (Senior Scientist)

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Robert Jinkerson, PhD

Co-founder & CSO

PhD Chemistry

Colorado School of Mines

Post-doc: Dept. of Plant Bio

Carnegie Institute at Stanford

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC, Riverside

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